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I was born, raised and educated  in Winnipeg. I received an excellent public school education at Luxton Elementary and Kelvin High. I attended the University of Manitoba and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree.

My family lived on the banks of the Red River and the Winnipeg River where my father built a summer cottage. One of my earliest memories is the framing of the support beams for the cottage floor. I credit my parents for my interest in wild creatures and plants and my father for teaching me basic carpentry and a lot of other do-it-yourself skills. I spent many summers at our cottage learning about boats, canoes, sailing, stormy water, rapids, fishing, cross-cut and Swede saws - the list is endless. I was very fortunate to have this environment growing up.

After graduation, I worked as an Engineer in Training and obtained my Licence. My early experience included the structural design of numerous low and high rise residential buildings, as well as single family houses, office buildings and pre-stressed and precast concrete structural members. 

 After my daughter was born, we relocated to Coquitlam for better opportunities in my engineering career.  I was able to transition to bridge design which I much preferred. A few of the projects I worked on are the Canada Place Viaducts, the Grimshire Road Overpass on Coquihalla Phase 2 and the Skybridge. In my later career, I progressed into project management and Owner's Engineer assignments. The consulting firm that I worked for promoted me to Vice President and appointed me to the Board of Directors.

In 1987, I purchased a semi-remote property at Machete Lake. We spent as much time there as possible in a small bare-bones one-bedroom cottage - beautiful!

In 2006, I semi-retired and have lived at Machete Lake when it is accessible. It is off-grid and somewhat isolated, but close to nature. I am building a new energy efficient cabin that is solar-powered. When the snow comes and the isolation becomes too severe, we go down to Burnaby until we can return again in the early spring. While there, we visit my daughter and her family (two grandsons) who live in Abbotsford.

My favourite activity is going for our morning walk with Beau, our faithful Labrador Retriever. It is so beautiful and peaceful. We can see the daily changes in the natural world around us and breath the fresh morning air.

This is Beau as a young pup.

This is Beau as a young pup.